Blueberry Cinnamon Rolls

There is nothing better than a cup of coffee and something sweet with it.  The original recipe for the dough in the cinnamon rolls comes from Hólabrekkuskóli but I have made some changes to it. The main change that I made (and usually make with all baked goods) is that I don’t put as much sugar as they say in the original recipe. Mostly because I feel the sugar just overtakes all the other flavors and in the end everything is simply sweet, there is nothing more to it.  Especially in this recipe where there is sugar in the filling and there … Continue reading Blueberry Cinnamon Rolls

My first lopapeysa

This time we’ll dive a little deeper into the knitting archives! I thought I’d walk you trough my history with the Icelandic sweater, lopapeysa. I first got introduced to the sweater when I was three years old, living in Iceland with my family. Obviously I don’t have clear memories of this time, but I do have plenty of pictures of me and my whole family covered in Icelandic wool, and I think my mother still has my first lopapeysa. My family lived in Iceland for two years between 1995-1997. After moving back to Finland we’ve made one family trip back … Continue reading My first lopapeysa

Helsinki Trip Part 2: Seurasaari Open-Air Museum + Pornaistenniemi

Now for the second part of my Helsinki trip, this time around I will be writing about the Seurasaari Open-Air Museum and Pornaistenniemi. If you missed the first part you can read it here. We were lucky to arrive on a day when the open air museum had a free entry (usually it is about €9). From the reviews, I read it said that there were a lot of squirrels and that they were almost too friendly. I was psyched. I love squirrels! Well, I was very disappointed. There weren’t that many squirrels and they treated me like I was … Continue reading Helsinki Trip Part 2: Seurasaari Open-Air Museum + Pornaistenniemi

Simple socks with a twist

These socks were a christmas present for my boyfriend’s parents, but it’s never too late to post pictures of christmas socks – not even in July! The yarn I used was a Finnish sock yarn brand Seitsemän Veljestä – honestly the best damn sock yarn I’ve ever used. It’s a wool blend that you can safely wash in the machine, and it lasts in use for a very long time, even with regular washing. I decided to use two colors and swap them in the other socks, so that the socks have a cute matching look. I found the pattern … Continue reading Simple socks with a twist

Icelandic Candy: Nói Síríus Chocolate

I like chocolate. Well,this is an understatement, I love chocolate. So I decided to take on the hard task to rate the ten different chocolate bars that Nói Síríus produces that are part of their Rjómasúkkulaði range. Couple of things before I start the rating, never pay more than 300kr for these! Never! Even in Hagkaup they are around 300kr, I did see them for over 500kr in a unnamed shop and that is just wrong! But back to chocolate! 10. Kremkex 140gr (Cookies and Cream) This was a new addition last summer and I can’t say it is my favorite … Continue reading Icelandic Candy: Nói Síríus Chocolate

HA-magazine 05

HA-magazine is a bi-annual and bilingual magazine about Icelandic architecture and design. I’ve been reading the magazine since their first issue came out, and thought I’d write a few words about their fifth magazine. The magazine is in both Icelandic and English, so it’s been great language practice to me. In this year’s first issue, HA takes a look into the product and fashion design developments in Iceland – the feature that caught my eye the most was one about Tulipop, an Icelandic children’s kitchen and home product line. The issue also talks about gender equality in advertisement business, which … Continue reading HA-magazine 05

What’s on our needles

Since this blog is called Lopimania, it’s only fitting we start off with a look into what’s currently on our needles. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, “lopi” is the word for Icelandic wool, or more accurately wool from the Icelandic sheep. This time it just so happened that both of us are knitting Léttlopi, the lighter and most common lopi yarn popular in making lighter Icelandic sweaters. Léttlopi is semi-spun, so it is quite easy to break off by hand, and the yarn has loose hairs coming off the skein. Let’s see what we have going … Continue reading What’s on our needles


Hello and welcome to Lopimania! We are Katrin and Lotta, the knitting addicts behind this blog. Let us introduce ourselves quickly before we start on a regular posting schedule! Katrin is a half Icelandic half Swiss girl that is about to move to Helsinki in about a month to start her Master’s degree. She has lived her life split between Iceland and Switzerland, so why not add another country into the mix.  Lotta is a Finnish girl who studied graphic design in Iceland and fell in love with the country – and an Icelander. Now she has moved back to … Continue reading Welcome!