Alpaca sweater

It’s been almost a month since the last post, and for everyone who didn’t catch the raffle for the giveaway on instagram, the winners were Anni and Piia! The winners have been contacted and the prizes have been delivered. One of the reasons why I haven’t been posting that much is because I started my side major in textile design! The courses have kept me busy but I have some great projects I can show you guys after the courses have ended and deadlines met. Besides school, I’ve been focusing on knitting christmas presents, and obviously I can’t show them … Continue reading Alpaca sweater

Yarn swap + Giveaway

My boyfriend went for a brief trip in Iceland a week ago, so I took the opportunity and used him as a yarn mule. My Icelandic knitting friend and I had been talking about doing a yarn swap, since she wanted to try out Finnish yarn and I was craving for a new Icelandic sweater to knit. So I sent off a bunch of yarn and got even more back! Thank you lopi, for being cheaper than Finnish wool! I had emptied space ready for the yarn, but of course it didn’t all fit in one basket. This yarn wasn’t … Continue reading Yarn swap + Giveaway

Léttlopi mittens

When I moved to Finland I had to get rid of most of my yarn stash in Iceland. It’s amazing how much yarn a person can accumulate in three years! My stash consisted mainly of leftovers from sweaters, so I had a lot of Álafosslopi and Léttlopi to figure out what to do with. I ended up giving most of it to my friend who’s an avid knitter as well, but some of it I decided to take with me to Finland. Léttlopi is one of my favorite yarns – it’s very affordable but still good quality, and it has … Continue reading Léttlopi mittens

Lopapeysas of the past

Since it’s Thursday, and I’ve posted about old project before on Thursdays, I thought it would be fitting to just declare all  Thursdays #throwbackthursdays from now on! That’s a lot of “Thursday” in one sentence. I’ve made so many sweaters so far that it would be too much to make an individual post about each and every one of them, so I thought I’d gather up all the Icelandic sweaters I’ve knitted up in the past years. I’ve knitted three for myself, two for family members and six or seven as a commission so far, but I haven’t documented all … Continue reading Lopapeysas of the past

Pink Robot Socks

I’ve been doing an unofficial “yarn diet” to get rid of some of my stash, and this has resulted in many basic socks for myself. I’m not usually very much into hot pink, so using up a skein of crazy pink Novita Seitsemän Veljestä -sock yarn was really a challenge! So I dug up my pink knitting notebook and my trusted companion the Pink Cubebot and got ready to tackle this pink yarn! I decided to got with a black and white base with hot pink heels and toes. Black and white is always a safe combo for me, and … Continue reading Pink Robot Socks

Once upon an autumn…

The weather in Finland has finally descended into autumn – my absolute favourite time of the year. I bet this is the case for many knitters – finally we get to wear all those woolly projects we’ve been knitting all year round! As a tea and candle lover, I also appreciate the cold weather and dark nights. In Lapland, burning candles during summer is pretty much useless because of the constant daylight around the clock. I have some ready projects waiting to be posted, but before getting to them I thought I’d do another throwback post. I finished this scarf … Continue reading Once upon an autumn…

Happy scarf

It’s finally done! I’ve been hinting towards this scarf over at our instagram for a while, and today was the day that I finished off those tassels and that pom pom and called over a friend to help me have a photoshoot to showcase the scarf – a photoshoot that turned out just as silly as the scarf! The pattern is by Tiina from Muita Ihania, she published the scarf pattern bit by bit so that people could knit it together (you can find the first day here!) I missed that train, so I waited until the scarf was done and … Continue reading Happy scarf

Crazy about mittens (discount code included)

I love original and modern knitting patterns that are easy to knit and fun to do. This book has all those qualities and is spiced up with some crazy cute colour combinations! Vettlingar/Mittens by Margret María Leifsdóttir was published a while back, and I bought the book maybe two years ago in Reykjavík. I hadn’t gotten to actually knitting any mittens from the book before now, but the pictures and patterns were inspiring to look at even without knitting them. The book is in both Icelandic and English. All the patterns in the book are inspired by some of Margret’s favourites … Continue reading Crazy about mittens (discount code included)

Crochet plant cozy

As I’m waiting for my copy of Molla Mills’ Virkkuri 4 (Crochetterie 4) to pop in my mailbox, I decided to take another whirl at her first book. Virkkuri 1 came out in 2013 and I bought my copy the moment I saw it at the bookshop – this is honestly the prettiest craft book I’ve ever seen! Not to mention the most handy: all the patterns have an easy to follow, step by step guide with clear pictures to show you exactly how to recreate the item in question. I consider myself to be mainly a knitter, but Molla Mills sure … Continue reading Crochet plant cozy